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Convergence Africa World 2016

Organizer: Exhibitions India Group

Duration: Jun 22 - 24, 2016

Venue: Oshwa Centre

Location: Kenya

Industry Focus:Electrical & Electronics

Products Focus:1. The Internet products and service, cloud computing, communication engineering products and solutions, digital television, electronic products solution, computer products, broadcasting and TV products, STB, digital products, electronic terminal products, media products, computer games products and entertainment products, SATCOM products and service, Internet of things technology, communication network technology, physical security, home network, SATCOM, FTTH, smart phones and devices, wireless technology and mobile payment etc. 2. Electronic component products, communication components and supporting service, broadcasting and TV components, LCD products, communication wires and cables, Coaxial cables, sockets, circuit board technology and micro electronic technique etc3. Personal electronics products, interactive digital media and computer games products, audio-video products and mobile phones etc.

Introduction:The telecommunications market in Africa is at a rapid growth in recent years. With numerous operators, furious competition, cheap mobile phone tariff, rapid development of message telecommunications service and value-added telecom service, the number of mobile phone subscribe is increasing greatly. The rapid increase of Africa telecom market is bound to bring huge business opportunity to end consumption products like communication technology, Internet and mobile phone, especially for Chinese equipment suppliers, the timing entering into the market has come. Convergence Africa World will become a huge playground converging the enterprises all over the world. It will offer an optimum opportunity for the industry leaders to determine the dominance over the huge market of Africa.


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